Y. P. Zhang, J. L. Yi, Z. Y. Luo, C. L. Dong, X. X. Wang


This paper focus on the bonding between the diamond heat sink and copper stent in the LED package in which high thermal conductivity is needed. AlNi nano/micro-multilayers were fabricated and evaluated to satisfy the need to bonding copper and diamond by self-propagation for the first time. The thermal analysis results and micro structure observation showed that the bilayer (one alternative sputtering period of aluminium and nickel layers) of the mulilayers could influence the heat releasing rate of propagation reaction and help control the bonding process with steady. The influence of the Vanadium addition and the magneto-conductivity of Nickel element on the structures of the multilyers were also discussed, which has relation with the bilayer either. The quality of the diamond-copper joint by nano-multilayer bonding is better than that of the silver glue bonding in shearing strength and thermal conductivity

Ключевые слова

Micro/Nano-multilayers; Al-Ni; self- propagation joining; diamond; intermetallic.

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